All Eyes on Akron: New Market Prospect

Akron is an industrial and cultural hub of Ohio. Biomaterials are booming, ranking 5th in the world for neurotech healthcare and 6th in the world for neuro device companies. Metalworking industries are expected to grow revenue through 2025, that’s because seven of the top ten manufacturing companies are located in Northwest Ohio. Plastics, rubber, chemicals, and machinery are all manufactured in the greater Akron area. With all the industry, rail and air travel are also big employers in the region. All of these factors are indicators that Akron is ripe for a blossoming housing market.

The Akron area not only has a healthy economy but, also a thriving cultural community. The city has a rich legacy of jazz becoming known as the “jazz corridor” of the Midwest. Other musical household names hailing from Akron are the groups Devo and The Black Keys. You can also thank Akron for the invention of the hamburger and the rise of NBA superstar Lebron James. One could say Akron is a more Hip Cleveland.

We’re pleased to announce that Akron is now a major new market opportunity for CBUSA. Akron’s proximity to materials and industry will make regional relationships and group purchasing power a great asset for builders.

“We are excited to help Akron builders control costs, improve their service levels, and grow their bottom lines by working together through the CBUSA program,” explains Region President Ryan Lipchek. “Increasing material prices combined with the labor shortage we are experiencing will cause the cost of construction to rise. Without a solid program in place margins will deteriorate.”

If you’re a builder in Akron and would like to become a CBUSA member, please contact Ryan Lipchek, Region President. To learn more about CBUSA, join our group on Linkedin.

Brian Pavlick

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