All Eyes on Seattle: New Market Prospect

If you’re at all familiar with the housing market in Seattle, you know it’s thriving. Reports show that home values in the city have appreciated an astronomical 15.2% in 2016 and the trend is projected to surge through 2017. Additionally, the Seattle Times recently reported a record construction frenzy. Of all new construction, well over half is residential. This is a strong indication that not only are independent builders reaping benefits, homeowner confidence is through the roof. When both of these metrics are on the upswing, that’s cause for serious interest and industry growth.

When we started working with seasoned veterans in the rainy city, we were met with excitement and a motivated energy. We knew then that it was only a matter of time before the best builders in the Pacific Northwest were to become part of our growing membership base.

New Market Seattle

On that note, we’re pleased to announce that Seattle is now a major new opportunity for CBUSA, marking our first substantial potential market on the west coast. Adding their clout to our growing list of nationwide markets will be greatly beneficial to our continued pursuit of stronger group purchasing, shared knowledge and mentorship, and camaraderie among some of the best and most successful builders in our industry.

“We have a tremendous opportunity to help these builders control costs, improve their service levels, and grow their bottom lines,” explains COO Brian Pavlick. “With material prices increasing and tight subcontractor labor, the cost of construction can get out of hand. And without a solid program in place or full time purchasing departments to hold suppliers accountable, margins erode.”

“We’re looking forward to establishing a market in Seattle. It will provide a foundation for future expansion in the region to include Portland, OR, Northern California, Boise, and other west coast hot spots.”

If you’re a builder in Seattle and would like to become a CBUSA member, please contact Brian Pavlick, COO. To learn more about CBUSA, join our group on Linkedin.


Brian Pavlick

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